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Regex Matching in the Directory Stack for ZSH

Adds ss and csd to the list of directory manipulation functions. Zsh (or at least the one I'm using) is mainting the directory stack for me all the time, but I don't like how it looks when you type type dirs -v and I think the whole +n and -n thing is just annoying. I also don't know why the current directory is shown. The current directory is the current directory, so I'm not interested in it.

So I've simplified it to look "better" (IMO) with ss and the csd function will accept a regular expression.


# show stack
> ss
1) ~
2) /tmp
3) /tmp/this/has a/space in it
4) /tmp/src/main/scala/package/name/here
5) /tmp/src/test/scala/package/name/here

# change to stacked directory
> csd 4

# change to stacked directory by regex
> csd test

# change to stacked directory by more interesting regex
> csd src.*main
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