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Vim Interaction

The plugin presents a function called callvim whose usage is:

usage: callvim [-b cmd] [-a cmd] [file ... fileN]

  -b cmd     Run this command in GVIM before editing the first file
  -a cmd     Run this command in GVIM after editing the first file
  file       The file to edit
  ... fileN  The other files to add to the argslist


The idea for this script is to give you some decent interaction with a running GVim session. Normally you'll be running around your filesystem doing any number of amazing things and you'll need to load some files into GVim for editing, inspecting, destruction, or other bits of mayhem. This script lets you do that.


There are a few aliases presented as well:

  • v A shorthand for callvim
  • vvsp Edits the passed in file but first makes a vertical split
  • vhsp Edits the passed in file but first makes a horizontal split

Post Callout

At the end of the callvim function we invoke the postCallVim function if it exists. If you're using MacVim, for example, you could define a function that brings window focus to it after the file is loaded:

function postCallVim
  osascript -e 'tell application "MacVim" to activate'

This'll be different depending on your OS / Window Manager.


This will load /tmp/myfile.scala into the running GVim session:

> v /tmp/myfile.scala

This will load it after first doing a vertical split:

> vvsp /tmp/myfile.scala
> v -b':vsp' /tmp/myfile.scala

This will load it after doing a horizontal split, then moving to the bottom of the file:

> vhsp -aG /tmp/myfile.scala
> v -b':sp' -aG /tmp/myfile.scala

This will load the file and then copy the first line to the end (Why you would ever want to do this... I dunno):

> v -a':1t$' /tmp/myfile.scala

And this will load all of the *.txt files into the args list:

> v *.txt

If you want to load files into areas that are already split, use one of the aliases for that:

# Do a ':wincmd h' first
> vh /tmp/myfile.scala

# Do a ':wincmd j' first
> vj /tmp/myfile.scala

# Do a ':wincmd k' first
> vk /tmp/myfile.scala

# Do a ':wincmd l' first
> vl /tmp/myfile.scala