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Latest commit 1d675bf Derek Wyatt Various updates
- Modified the `maketags` script to make it faster. Because we use
  perforce, and perforce is the VCS that might have been good in its day
  (although that's debatable) but is now a pile of shit. Hey, did you
  know that dogs like to eat shit? Yeah, they do. But what they don't
  like eating is a pile of shit that's bigger than your average
  elephant, and is covered in nuclear waste that came out of a nuclear
  reactor whose sole purpose is not to generate electricity, but is
  designed to generate a kind of "nuclear shit" that glows in the dark
  and can be detected by intelligent life-forms in distant galaxies,
  making them say (translated from their language to english) "Jeezuz
  fucking christ, smell that?!  What the hell are they doing over on
  that stinking planet?!?  They gotta be running perforce, like our
  ancestors did 5,702 generations ago when we had entire culture that
  couldn't figure out when to use "your" and "you're" - what a cluster
  fuck that time was".  Perforce branches are the absolute stupidest
  thing since CVS, which was free, and still sucked less because I
  didn't have to talk to a stupid server just to figure out what the
  `fstat` is on the file.

  Anyway... the script is faster now.

- Added a couple of customizations for the Tabular plugin
- Updates to the java settings because we love tabs where I work
- Udpates to how I set tag files cuz of perforce... see above.

Derek Wyatt's Vim Configuration

Yup... it's a vim configuration.

To install it, do the following:

  • Wipe out your ~/.vimrc file and ~/.vim directory (back up if you wish)
  • git clone ~/.vim
  • ln ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
  • I use Vundle, so you'll have to install that into ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim. You will probably also have to run :VundleInstall when you start up Vim as well.
  • Start Vim

Occassionally plugins will get updates, and you should use the :VundleUpdate command to get those updates.

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