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Stuff pulled from GitHub

  • Fugitive: git clone vim-fugitive
  • FSwitch: git clone vim-fswitch
  • FuzzyFinder: git clone vim-fuzzyfinder
  • GNUPG: git clone vim-gnupg
  • Surround: git clone vim-surround
  • Unimpaired: git clone vim-unimpaired
  • Protodef: git clone vim-protodef
  • Solarized: git clone vim-solarized
  • L9: git clone vim-l9
  • Scala: git clone vim-scala
  • XPTemplate: git clone vim-xptemplate
  • EasyMotion: git clone vim-easymotion
  • NERDTree: git clone vim-nerdtree
  • TwitVim: git clone vim-twitvim
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