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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Ian Langworth
" Last Change: 2004 Dec 24
" Email: <>
" Color settings inspired by BBEdit for Mac OS, plus I liked
" the low-contrast comments from the 'oceandeep' colorscheme
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="tolerable"
hi Cursor guifg=white guibg=darkgreen
hi Normal gui=none guifg=black guibg=white
hi NonText gui=none guifg=orange guibg=white
hi Statement gui=none guifg=blue
hi Special gui=none guifg=red
hi Constant gui=none guifg=darkred
hi Comment gui=none guifg=#555555
hi Preproc gui=none guifg=darkcyan
hi Type gui=none guifg=darkmagenta
hi Identifier gui=none guifg=darkgreen
hi Title gui=none guifg=black
hi StatusLine gui=none guibg=#333333 guifg=white
hi StatusLineNC gui=none guibg=#333333 guifg=white
hi VertSplit gui=none guibg=#333333 guifg=white
hi Visual gui=none guibg=green guifg=black
hi Search gui=none guibg=yellow
hi Directory gui=none guifg=darkblue
hi WarningMsg gui=none guifg=red
hi Error gui=none guifg=white guibg=red
hi Todo gui=none guifg=black guibg=yellow
hi MoreMsg gui=none
hi ModeMsg gui=none