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2 parents c17923e + 82dffc6 commit accfc4cba17a03f4a13bf7ea36038fe966716489 Derek Wyatt committed May 2, 2012
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  1. +3 −0 ftplugin/tex.vim
  2. +36 −30 vimrc
  3. +8 −0 xpt-personal/ftplugin/tex/tex.xpt.vim
@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ setlocal spell
setlocal fdl=0
setlocal fdm=marker
setlocal fmr=<<<,>>>
+setlocal iskeyword+=_
imap <buffer> jj <esc>:w<cr>
imap <buffer> jw <c-o>:w<cr>
+imap ... \\ldots
66 vimrc
@@ -709,36 +709,42 @@ augroup END
" Fix constant spelling mistakes
-iab teh the
-iab Teh The
-iab taht that
-iab Taht That
-iab alos also
-iab Alos Also
-iab aslo also
-iab Aslo Also
-iab becuase because
-iab Becuase Because
-iab bianry binary
-iab Bianry Binary
-iab bianries binaries
-iab Bianries Binaries
-iab charcter character
-iab Charcter Character
-iab charcters characters
-iab Charcters Characters
-iab exmaple example
-iab Exmaple Example
-iab exmaples examples
-iab Exmaples Examples
-iab shoudl should
-iab Shoudl Should
-iab seperate separate
-iab Seperate Separate
-iab fone phone
-iab Fone Phone
-iab Seureth Suereth
-iab seureth suereth
+iab Acheive Achieve
+iab acheive achieve
+iab Alos Also
+iab alos also
+iab Aslo Also
+iab aslo also
+iab Becuase Because
+iab becuase because
+iab Bianries Binaries
+iab bianries binaries
+iab Bianry Binary
+iab bianry binary
+iab Charcter Character
+iab charcter character
+iab Charcters Characters
+iab charcters characters
+iab Exmaple Example
+iab exmaple example
+iab Exmaples Examples
+iab exmaples examples
+iab Fone Phone
+iab fone phone
+iab Lifecycle Life-cycle
+iab lifecycle life-cycle
+iab Lifecycles Life-cycles
+iab lifecycles life-cycles
+iab Seperate Separate
+iab seperate separate
+iab Seureth Suereth
+iab seureth suereth
+iab Shoudl Should
+iab shoudl should
+iab Taht That
+iab taht that
+iab Teh The
+iab teh the
" Set up the window colors and size
@@ -104,6 +104,14 @@ XPT figure hint=\\begin{figure*}...\\end{figure*}
\label{fig:`name^S(SV('\([a-z]\)\([A-Z]\)', '\1_\l\2', 'g'), '[A-Z]', '\l&', 'g')^}
+XPT image hint=\\begin{figure*}...\\end{figure*}
+\label{fig:`name^S(SV('\([a-z]\)\([A-Z]\)', '\1_\l\2', 'g'), '[A-Z]', '\l&', 'g')^}
XPT eqnarray hint=\\begin{eqnarray*}...\\end{eqnarray*}

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