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some synth defs for SuperCollider

(note: files/synthdefs with dxkX instead of plain dxk use XOut, usually for effects synthdefs)

  • dxkDelayFx - delay-based effects (flanger, phaser, chorus)

  • dxkDrums - a collection of percussion synthdefs

  • dxkFilters - wrappers around basic filters

  • dxkFx - processing synthdefs

  • dxkFxFFT - prelim work on some frequency-domain processing synthdefs (simple wrappers for now)

  • dxkLoopers - loopers

  • dxkMisc - misc SynthDefs (end-of-fx-chain-outputs, etc.)

  • dxkModal - modal synthesis

  • dxkNobu - sample chopping buf readers

  • dxkPitched - various other pitched synthdefs

  • dxkReverb - reverberator synthdefs

  • dxkSimpleBuf - wrapper around simple Buf UGens

  • dxkSimpleDelay - wrappers around Delay UGens

  • dxkSimpleOsc - wrappers around oscillator UGens

  • dxkSimpleVerb - wrappers around reverb UGens

  • dxkSupSynths - synthdefs that require classes from my dxkSup repo

  • dxkSynthsMisc - various synthesizers (such as DTMF)

  • dxk TrigStr - triggered buffer stretching synthdefs (warp)

  • TooBigSynths - synths too big to send via UDP packet NOT MINE (mostly for archival/collection purposes)

  • notMineSynths - curated synthdefs from around the web that aren't my work but involve various levels of tweaking by myself