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modules for use with lua (5.2) - released under gpl v2.0

##heap.lua min (or max) heap

  • heap.dump() - print indices and values of heap
  • - returns index of first instance of element
  • heap.push(element) - push element onto heap
  • heap.pop() - delete top element from heap and return
  • heap.delidx(index) - delete element by index
  • heap.delelt(element) - delete element by value
  • heap.heapify(table, "min" or "max") - heapify table with given type
  • heap.settype("min" or "max") - set type
  • heap.gettype() - returns type
  • heap.getsize() - returns size of heap
  • heap.reset() - deletes all elements from heap
  • heap.merge(heap2) - adds heap2's elements with current heap