multipurpose list externals for pure data
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multipurpose list externals for pure data

  • dklmunge - list processor/munger. Here are the methods I've added so far:

    • none - do nothing
    • avg - sums all float args and divides by number of ALL elts
    • everyn (f=n, f=offset) - output every nth elt with offset
    • faro - faro shuffle
    • fyshuf - fisher-yates shuffle
    • group (f) - output in groups of f prepended by l0,l1,.....
    • indexof (f/s) - returns index of given else -1
    • max - max of all float elts
    • min - min of all float elts
    • ref (f/s) - returns sublist starting at given f or s if found
    • relt (f list) - random elt selection: 1 arg specifies number (if given), rest specify weights
    • rev - reverse list
    • revrot (f) - reverse then rotate list
    • rot (f) - rotate list
    • rpt1 (f=idx, f=rpt, pairs) - takes pairs, repeats idx rpt times
    • sum - adds all float args together
    • prod - multiplies all float args together
  • dklgen - list generator

    • fib - generates fibonacci numbers
    • pell - generates pell numbers
    • randfu - generates a list of uniformly random floats
    • randiu - generates a list of uniformly random ints
    • rpt1 - given pairs of atoms and times, repeats atoms for a list