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#!/user/bin/env python
import user_models
import testutil
class NicknamesTest(testutil.GAEModelTestCase):
def setUp(self):
super(NicknamesTest, self).setUp()
self.user_count = 0
def assertSingleResult(self, expected, raw_query):
matches = user_models.NicknameIndex.users_for_search(raw_query)
self.assertEqual(1, len(matches),
"Expected exactly 1 result for \"%s\"" % raw_query)
self.assertEqual(expected, matches[0])
def make_user(self, nickname):
u = user_models.UserData(key_name="key_%s" % self.user_count)
u.user_id = "userid_%s" % self.user_count
self.user_count += 1
return u
def test_retrieve_user_by_nickname(self):
u = self.make_user('Fake User One')
for raw_query in ['Fake', 'uSeR', 'ONE', 'fake user one']:
self.assertSingleResult(u.key(), raw_query)
matches = user_models.NicknameIndex.users_for_search('does not exist')
self.assertEqual(0, len(matches))
def test_retrieval_order_agnostic(self):
u = self.make_user('Firstname Middlename Lastname')
# Order of tokens doesn't matter (name order differs by
# culture anyways)
for raw_query in ['Lastname, Firstname',
'Firstname Lastname',
'lastname firstname middlename']:
self.assertSingleResult(u.key(), raw_query)
def test_multi_user_search(self):
han_solo = self.make_user('Han Solo')
leia = self.make_user('Leia Organa Solo')
jabba = self.make_user('Jabba the Hutt')
for raw_query in ['Han Solo', 'Han']:
self.assertSingleResult(han_solo.key(), raw_query)
for raw_query in ['Leia']:
self.assertSingleResult(leia.key(), raw_query)
for raw_query in ['Jabba', 'the Hutt', 'jabba the HUTT']:
self.assertSingleResult(jabba.key(), raw_query)
matches = user_models.NicknameIndex.users_for_search('Solo')
self.assertEquals(2, len(matches))
self.assertEquals(set([han_solo.key(), leia.key()]), set(matches))
def test_partial_matches(self):
self.make_user('Firstname Middlename Lastname')
# Partial matches on a full search should _not_ be returned.
for raw_query in ['lastn', 'firstname mid', 'firstname wronglast']:
matches = user_models.NicknameIndex.users_for_search(raw_query)
self.assertEqual(0, len(matches))
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