A pulse-based sequencer for Unity3d
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A pulse-based sequencer for Unity3d.

See it in action!

Derelict Computer


The PulseSequencer allows composers to create 3d, polyrhythmic music using Unity's built-in audio system. It also allows for triggering visual effects, such as animations or light lerps in sync with the music.

Just clone or fork this repo and import it into your project.

To get started, check out the example scenes.

Platform Support

  • Windows: verified working
  • Mac: verified working
  • Linux: theoretically works, but not verified
  • iOS: verified working
  • Android: theoretically works, but not verified
  • HTML5/WebGL Preview: basic sampling works, but volume envelopes do not (pending support for AudioFilters, ETA from Unity unknown)


This project is very young, and therefore many safeguards and editor helpers are not implemented. I'm using this in my own projects, and will be updating this repository as I add features in those projects. So please bear with me! If you have any feature requests or find any bugs, please feel free to report them via the issue tracker.

Wanna help?

If you like using the Pulse Sequencer, and want to help me develop it, that's awesome! There are a few ways you can help:

  • Submit bugs and feature requests via the issue tracker. This will help me know what people want to see, and prioritize those things.
  • If you're a coder, fork the repo and submit pull requests for features and bug fixes. This gets a lot better if I have help.
  • Let me know how you're using it. Seeing your work inspires me to keep going further, and often gives me ideas for new features.
  • If you're a dev studio that wants a novel interactive music solution, hire me!