Assembly and analysis of RADseq data sets
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pyrad has now been superceded by ipyrad

( <-- see here

All new development will be made on ipyrad and I recommend that pyrad users switch over. The new software offers huge speed improvements and many new features.


Assembly and analysis of RADseq data sets


Detailed information and a number of example tutorials are available here.


Stable release versions can be downloaded here, or you can clone the current development version using git:

git clone

Installation (As of v.3.0.6 and newer)

With the following you can install pyrad so that it is callable as an executable from anywhere on your machine. If you have pip, then the second option will also install the dependencies numpy and scipy:

cd pyrad
sudo pip install .
pyrad -h


cd pyrad
sudo python install
pyrad -h

Or alternatively, without having to install you can simply call from its location using python:

python pyrad/pyrad/ -h

Python requirements

You will need the following two Python dependencies with pyrad.

  • numpy
  • scipy

In addition to the programs

Example usage (see tutorials)

>>> pyrad -n
    new params.txt file created

>>> pyrad -p params.txt




pyrad was written by Deren Eaton.