A CakePHP plugin around geocoding tools and helpers.
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CakePHP Geo Plugin

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A CakePHP 3.x Plugin to

  • geocode locations/ips and save the information (lat/lng) along with the records
  • reverse geocode data
  • display (Google) maps

This plugin requires PHP 5.4+

Note that since CakePHP 3.x upgrade uses the willdurand/geocoder library and therefore now supports

  • 12+ address-based Geocoder providers
  • 10+ IP-based Geocoder providers

Most of them also support reverse geocoding. And of course you can write your own providers on top.

Also new:

  • MYSQL support
  • PostgreSQL support

And also:

  • GeocodedAddresses Table class for caching of API requests to prevent rate limits and speed up lookups


See Sandbox examples for live demos of the GoogleMaps helper and the Geocoder behavior.

Installation & Docs

Branching strategy

The master branch is the currently active and maintained one and works with the current 3.x stable version. Please see the original Tools plugin if you need the Geo tools for CakePHP 2.x versions.


  • Write own Geocoder provider to leverage all of MapsGoogle data that is being returned.