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Execution order in CakePHP

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A demo app to display execution order of files and callbacks in a CakePHP app. This can be very useful for knowing if app-, plugin- or other callbacks run in the order one expects them to.

This is an unstable repository and should be treated as an alpha.




Download and run composer install.

You should now be able to visit the path to where you installed the app and see the setup traffic lights.

For CLI to work you might have to run chmod +x bin/cake, as well.

Configuration and Usage

Create config/app_local.php from the default template and setup the 'Datasources' and any other configuration relevant for your application.

Run the bin/cake migrations migrate command to have a basic test table (tokens).

Then run it and see the logs output. To build an updated file, execute bin/cake exec prep after each run to build a TMP/exec.txt from the log output.

Version notice

This branch is only for CakePHP 4 (currently 4.1).

For earlier versions please see or check other branches.


Feel free to add more stuff to it.


A demo app to display dispatching and execution order of files and callbacks in a CakePHP app. Try it out!




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