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Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from one version of the framework to another
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CakePHP Upgrade tool Build Status

Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from CakePHP 2.x to 3.0.0.

Warning This tool is still under development and doesn't handle all aspects of migrating.


After downloading/cloning the upgrade tool, you need to install dependencies with composer

php composer.phar install

Once dependencies are installed you can start using the upgrade shell.


The upgrade tool provides a standalone application that can be used to upgrade other applications or cakephp plugins. Each of the subcommands accepts a path that points to the application you want to upgrade.

cd /path/to/upgrade
bin/cake upgrade locations /home/mark/Sites/my-app

The above would run the locations task on /home/mark/Sites/my-app.

It is recommended that you keep your application in version control, and keep backups of before using the upgrade tool.

Order matters

Several of the commands have dependencies on each other and should be run in a specific order. It is recommended that you run the following commands first before using other commands:

bin/cake upgrade locations [path]
bin/cake upgrade namespaces [path]
bin/cake upgrade app_uses [path]

Once these three commands have been run, you can use the other commands in any order.

Tasks Available


Move files/directories around. Run this before adding namespaces with the namespaces command.


Add namespaces to files based on their file path. Only run this after you have moved files.


Replace App::uses() with use statements


Rename classes that have been moved/renamed. Run after replacing App::uses().


Rename HelperCollection, ComponentCollection, and TaskCollection. Will also rename component constructor arguments and _Collection properties on all objects.


Updates the method names/signatures for a number of methods.


Update fixtures to use new index/constraint features. This is necessary before running tests.

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