IRIS Perl API (German and partially european railway departure monitor)
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Travel::Status::DE::IRIS - Interface to IRIS based web departure monitors



* perl version 5.14.2 or newer
* Class::Accessor
* DateTime
* DateTime::Format::Strptime
* Geo::Distance
* List::Compare
* List::MoreUtils
* List::UtilsBy
* LWP::UserAgent
* Text::LevenshteinXS

Note about Text::LevenshteinXS: This module is old and unmaintained, but
appears to be packaged for slightly more distros than its successor
Text::Levenshtein::XS. If it is not available for your distro (and you do
not wish to build it), the following drop-in replacements are available:

* Text::Levenshtein::XS
* Text::Levenshtein (about 10 times slower than the XS modules)

To use them, run:
> sed -i 's/Text::LevenshteinXS/Text::Levenshtein::XS/g' Build.PL lib/Travel/Status/DE/IRIS/
> sed -i 's/Text::LevenshteinXS/Text::Levenshtein/g' Build.PL lib/Travel/Status/DE/IRIS/


From a release tarball:

* perl Build.PL
* ./Build
* sudo ./Build install

From git:

* perl Build.PL
* ./Build
* ./Build manifest
* sudo ./Build install

See also the Module::Build documentation.

You can then run 'man Travel::Status::DE::IRIS'.
This distribution also ships the script 'db-iris', see 'man db-iris'.