Show train departures, as seen on the displays on most main stations
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db-fakedisplay - Infoscreen for DB departures


  • perl >= 5.10
  • Cache::File (part of the Cache module)
  • Mojolicious
  • Mojolicious::Plugin::BrowserDetect
  • Travel::Status::DE::DBWagenreihung >= 0.00
  • Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn >= 2.03
  • Travel::Status::DE::IRIS >= 1.21


db-fakedisplay respects the following environment variables:

Variable Default Description
DBFAKEDISPLAY_LISTEN http://*:8092 IP and Port for web service
DBFAKEDISPLAY_STATS None File in which the total count of backend API requests (excluding those answered from cache) is written
DBFAKEDISPLAY_HAFAS_CACHE /tmp/dbf-hafas Directory for HAFAS cache
DBFAKEDISPLAY_IRIS_CACHE /tmp/dbf-iris-mian Directory for IRIS schedule cache
DBFAKEDISPLAY_IRISRT_CACHE /tmp/dbf-iris-realtime Directory for IRIS realtime cache
DBFAKEDISPLAY_WORKERS 2 Number of concurrent worker processes

Set these as needed, create templates/imprint.html.ep (imprint) and templates/privacy.html.ep (privacy policy), and configure your web server to reverse proxy requests for db-fakedisplay to the appropriate port.

You can then run the app using a Mojo::Server of your choice, e.g. perl daemon -m production (quick&dirty, does not respect all variables) or hypnotad (recommended).

All code in this repository may be used under the terms of the BSD-2-Clause (db-fakedisplay, see COPYING) and MIT (jquery, jqueryui, and marquee libraries; see the respective files) licenses. Attribution is appreciated.

System requirements

Resource requirements depend on usage. For a few requests per second, about 50MB (150k inodes) cache and one or two CPU cores should be sufficient. db-fakedisplay typically needs 50MB RAM per worker process, though calculating with 100MB per worker is recommended to have an appropriate safety margin.