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" PACKAGE " version " VERSION "
Usage : " PACKAGE " [options] <files or directories ...>
This is just a short option summary. Please see \"man " PACKAGE "\" for details.
-h, --help Show help and exit
-v, --version Show version information and exit
-V, --verbose Show progress bars and other extra information
-q, --quiet Hide non-fatal errors. May be used with --verbose
-T, --theme THEME Load options with name THEME
-r, --recursive Recursively expand any directories in FILE to
the content of those directories. (Take it easy)
-z, --randomize Randomize the filelist
--no-jump-on-resort Don't jump to the first image when the filelist
is resorted
-g, --geometry STRING Limit the window size to STRING, like \"640x480\"
-f, --filelist FILE Load/save images from/to the FILE filelist
-|, --start-at POSITION Start at POSITION in the filelist
-p, --preload Remove unlaodable files from the internal filelist
before attempting to display anything
-., --scale-down Automatically scale down images to fit the screen
-F, --fullscreen Make the window full screen
-Z, --auto-zoom Zoom picture to screen size in full screen mode
--zoom PERCENT Zooms images by a PERCENT, when in full screen
mode or when window geometry is fixed. If combined
with --auto-zoom, zooming will be limited to the
the size.
-w, --multiwindow Open all files at once, one window per image
-x, --borderless Create borderless windows
-d, --draw-filename Show the filename in the image window
--draw-tinted Show overlay texts on semi-transparent background
--draw-exif Show some Exif information (if compiled with exif=1)
-^, --title TITLE Set window title (see FORMAT SPECIFIERS)
-D, --slideshow-delay NUM Set delay between automatically changing slides
--cycle-once Exit after one loop through the slideshow
-R, --reload NUM Reload images after NUM seconds
-k, --keep-http Keep local copies when viewing HTTP/FTP files
-K, --caption-path PATH Path to caption directory, enables caption display
-j, --output-dir With -k: Output directory for saved files
-l, --list list mode: ls-style output with image information
-L, --customlist FORMAT list mode with custom output, see FORMAT SPECIFIERS
-U, --loadable List all loadable files. No image display
-u, --unloadable List all unloadable files. No image display
-S, --sort SORT_TYPE Sort files by:
name, filename, width, height, pixels, size or format
-n, --reverse Reverse sort order
-A, --action ACTION Specify action to perform when pressing <return>.
Executed by /bin/sh, may contain FORMAT SPECIFIERS
--action[1-9] Extra actions triggered by pressing keys <1>to <9>
-G, --draw-actions Show the defined actions in the image window
--force-aliasing Disable antialiasing
-m, --montage Enable montage mode
-i, --index Create an index print of all images
--info CMD Run CMD and show its output in the image window
-t, --thumbnails Show images as clickable thumbnails
-P, --cache-thumbnails Enable thumbnail caching for thumbnail mode.
Only works with thumbnails <= 256x256 pixels
-J, --thumb-redraw N Redraw thumbnail window every N images
-~, --thumb-title STRING Title for windows opened from thumbnail mode
-I, --fullindex Index mode with additional image information
--index-name BOOL Show/Don't show filename in index/thumbnail mode
--index-size BOOL Show/Don't show filesize in index/thumbnail mode
--index-dim BOOL Show/Don't show dimensions in index/thumbnail mode
--bg-center FILE Set FILE as centered desktop background
--bg-fill FILE Like --bg-scale, but preserves aspect ratio by
zooming the image until it fits. May cut off
--bg-max FILE Like --bg-fill, but scale the image to the maximum
size that fits the screen with black borders on one
--bg-scale FILE Set FILE as scaled desktop background. This will
fill the whole background, but the images' aspect
ratio may not be preserved
--bg-tile FILE Set FILE as tiled desktop background
--no-fehbg Do not write a ~/.fehbg file
-C, --fontpath PATH Specify an extra directory to look in for fonts,
can be used multiple times to add multiple paths.
-M, --menu-font FONT Use FONT for the font in menus.
-B, --image-bg STYLE Set background for transparent images and the like.
Accepted values: white, black, default
-N, --no-menus Don't load or show any menus.
--no-xinerama Disable Xinerama support
--no-screen-clip Do not limit window size to screen size
-Y, --hide-pointer Hide the pointer
-X, --ignore-aspect Set thumbnail to specified width/height without
retaining aspect ratio
-s, --stretch Scale up images if they are smaller than the
specified thumbnail size
-y, --thumb-width NUM Set thumbnail width in pixels
-E, --thumb-height NUM Set thumbnail height in pixels
-W, --limit-width NUM Limit the width of the montage in pixels
-H, --limit-height NUM Limit the height of the montage in pixels
(at least one of these two must be specified)
-b, --bg FILE|trans Set montage background
-a, --alpha NUM Set thumbnail transparency level (0 .. 255)
-o, --output FILE Save the created montage to FILE
-O, --output-only FILE Just save the created montage to FILE
WITHOUT displaying it
-e, --font FONT Set font for thumbnail information, in the form
-@, --title-font FONT Use FONT to print a title on the index, if no
font is specified, a title will not be printed
%f image path/filename
%n image name
%s image size (bytes)
%p image pixel size
%w image width
%h image height
%t image format
%v " PACKAGE " version
%m current mode (slideshow, multiwindow...)
%l total number of files in the filelist
%u current file number
%% %
\\n newline
p, <BACKSPACE>, <LEFT> Go to previous slide
n, <SPACE>, <RIGHT> Go to next slide
r Reload image
v Toggle fullscreen
m Show menu
c Enable caption entry mode
w Resize window to current image dimensions
h Pause/Continue the slideshow
z Jump to a random position in the current filelist
a Toggle action display (--draw-actions)
d Toggle filename display (--draw-filename)
s Save current image to unique filename
f Save current filelist to unique filename
<, > In place editing, rotate 90 degrees right/left
<HOME> Go to first slide
<END> Go to last slide
<ESCAPE> Quit the slideshow
+ Increase reload delay
- Decrease reload delay
<DELETE> Remove the currently viewed file from the filelist
<CTRL+DELETE> Like <DELETE>, but also removes the file from the
filesystem. Caution: Does _not_ ask for confirmation
x Close current window
q Quit " PACKAGE "
<KEYPAD LEFT> Move the image to the left
<KEYPAD RIGHT> Move the image to the right
<KEYPAD UP> Move the image up
<KEYPAD DOWN> Move the image down
<KEYPAD BEGIN> Antialias the image
<KEYPAD +> Zoom in
<KEYPAD -> Zoom out
<KEYPAD *> Zoom to 100%
<KEYPAD /> Zoom to fit the window
<ENTER>, 0 Run action specified by --action option
1-9 Run action 1-9 specified by --action[1-9] options
This program is free software, see the file COPYING for licensing info.
Copyright Tom Gilbert (and various contributors) 1999-2003.
Copyright Daniel Friesel 2010-2011.
Report bugs to <> or #feh on
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