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# feh key configuration.
# Comments start with a # sign, do not use them mid-line.
# Each line must be blank, a comment, or a key definition.
# key definition: <action name> <key1> [<key2> [<key3>]]
# Each <key> is an X11 keysym (as output by xev) with optional modifier.
# For instance, C-x would be Ctrl+X, or 4-space Mod4+Space
# Examples for vim-like menu bindings on a qwerty keyboard:
menu_parent h Left
menu_child l Right
menu_down j Down
menu_up k Up
menu_select space Return
# Same for image navigation ...
next_img j Right space
prev_img k Left BackSpace
# and image movement
scroll_up J C-Up
scroll_down K C-Down
scroll_left H C-Left
scroll_right L C-Right
# File deletion
remove d Delete
delete C-d C-Delete
# remove now conflicts with toggle_filenames, so change that
toggle_filenames f
# zooming
zoom_in C-Up f
zoom_out C-Down a
zoom_default d
zoom_fit s
# I only hit these accidentaly
# This leaves some conflicts with existing default bindings, but you should
# get the idea. And I'm not gonna fix the conflicts, I don't use qwerty ;-)