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With a graphics tablet, it's extremely hard to click on a thumbnail to open the full image; 95% of the time these 'clicks' are detected as drags.
The same thing applies in slideshow mode: clicking to the next image is extremely difficult.

A significant improvement would be, if the distance of a detected 'drag' is less than an image pixel (eg. at scale=2., distance <= 2), then treat it as a click instead.

To clarify: it's impossible to fix this in the tablet settings -- increasing the Suppress value only reduces jitteriness -before- the click. Even at ridiculously high levels of Suppress (100, vs the default 4), there is no useful effect on the difficulty of merely successfully clicking to open the image). Same is true for the RawSamples option, which is the main other option available for reducing movement jitter.


Good point. I have also added a time parameter – a user might want to adjust an image by 1px only, and this adjustment will naturally take longer than a misdetected drag.

So now, everything which moves the image by up to 2px per axis in up to 1 second is detected as a click.

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Nice. This makes thumbnail mode quite usable for me now, and slideshow mode more useful :)
BTW, in the man page you have written "grahics" tablet rather than "graphics"


whoops. fixed, thanks.

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