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Cam 0.4 README
This document was last updated on 20010223-1620-PST.
Please see the file COPYING for licensing information.

feh-cam is a Perl wrapper for feh that simlifies viewing webcams. It uses
keyed bookmarks.  Type "feh-cam --help" at the command line for usage

Webcam Information
All webcam images are the property of their respective owners.  If you
enjoy the cam, you should check out the page too!  The initial list of
cam bookmarks (in the cam_bookmarks file) is a combination of webcams
scoured from the #E People Page (,
my favorite webcams from the Stile Project's cam pages
(, and additional #e people cams that
have come online since cam's original release (0.1).

- Copy the "feh-cam" script to a location in your PATH (ex /usr/bin,
  /usr/local/bin, or $HOME/bin), and make sure hte execute bit on the
  script is set (type "chmod a+x $HOME/.cam_bookmarks").
- Copy the "cam_bookmarks" file to $HOME/.cam_bookmarks and make sure
  cam can see it by typing "feh-cam --list".
- Optionally, modify the options inside the feh-cam script.  You can pass
  feh any options before the image by adjusting the $PRE variable, 
  and any options after the image by adjustin the $POST variable.
  For example, I like to keep all cam images by default; you can enable
  this behavior with the -k command line option, or enable it permanently
  by adding it to the $PRE flags in feh-cam.

About the Authors
Paul Duncan <>, pabs on #e

Richard Lowe <>, richlowe on #e

...but the real credit goes to Tom Gilbert for making feh, an awesome
image viewer. :)
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