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Various tools related to the Wii Remote / Wii Balance Board.


Displays Balance Board weight data, mostly for debug purposes.

Usage: ./bal


Calibrates the Motion Plus and outputs the calibration data.

Usage: ./mpcal

(the program will then tell you to put the wiimote onto a flat surface)


Logs Motion Plus data to stdout, in the format

seconds.nanoseconds pitch roll yaw

Where Pitch, Roll and Yaw are the raw 16-bit values.

Usage: ./mplog > filename

See also:


Experimental patch to control neverball with the balance board.

See also:


Wiimote Blinkenlights. Press D-Pad up to toggle modes, Home to quit.

Usage: ./wibble


Wrapper around wiispkr. Plays any mp3/ogg/wav audia file on the wiimote speaker.

Requires: mpg321 / oggdec and sox. Also, wiispkr must be in the current working directory.

Usage: ./wiiplay btaddr file [volume]

Accepted volumes are 0 .. 255, the default is 64.


Outputs music played on a local MPD on the Wiimote speaker. Requires wiispkr in the current working directory and sox in $PATH.

Usage: ./wiiplay-mpd btaddr [volume]

If the MPD does not have a suitable FIFO output, wiiplay-mpd will output the necessary configuration snippet.


Plays an 8bit 2kHz signed PCM file on the wiimote speaker. You can create one using e.g. sox --norm /tmp/in.wav -b 8 /tmp/out.raw channels 1 rate 2000

Usage: ./wiispkr btaddr [volume] < file