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Google Refine reconciliation service implementation for Redmine issues This makes Google Refine render each redmine issue ID as a clickable link.


At the moment all it does is blindly verifies any integer to itself, and provides the following metadata:

metadata = {
  "name": "Redmine Reconciliation Service",
  "defaultTypes": [{"id": "/evolvingweb/redmine-issues", "name": "Redmine ID"}],
  "view": { "url" : "{{id}}" } 

Note that the metadata.view.url comes from a command line argument to the script


Requires python and flask, a python microframework with a built-in server: pip install flask

Starting the server

To start the service: python '{{id}}'

To use in Google Refine:

  • Select a column containing numeric redmine IDs > Reconcile > Start Reconciling...
  • Add the following reconciliation service URL: http://localhost:5000/redmine-reconcile
  • Click "Start Reconciling"


  • do something interesting (reconcile by title?)


This was adapted from the following:

For more info, see