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PacketScript enables the scripting of Linux Netfilter extensions using the Lua scripting language. The Lua scripts are loaded with the iptables command line tool. PacketScript can be easily extended (using C or Lua) to support a wide range of networking protocols.
In order to compile PacketScript you must ...
1. ... install the Xtables-addons framework
2. ... copy the LUA directory to the 'xtables-addons-1.xy/extensions' directory
3. ... add 'build_LUA=m' to the 'xtables-addons-1.xy/mconfig' file
3. ... add 'obj-${build_LUA} += LUA/' to the 'xtables-addons-1.xy/extensions/Mbuild' file
4. ... add 'obj-${build_LUA} += LUA/' to the 'xtables-addons-1.xy/extensions/Kbuild' file
run configure and make in the 'xtables-addons-1.xy' directory
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