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Breaking changes:
[!!!][FEATURE] Added category conjunctions (Category mode) #477

If you have restricted the events in the plugin by category, you need to define the "category mode" by opening the plugin settings and configuring the category mode. The default value of the "category mode" is to ignore the category selection, so a category selection from a previous version of the extension would be ignored now!

[!!!][TASK] Remove YouTube embed field #502

The YouTube embed field has been removed. If you want to add a Youtube video to an event, use the TYPO3 core functionality to add media Items to the "files" field of an event.

[FEATURE] Enable additional registration fields on event basis #467
[FEATURE] Added option to prepend BOM to CSV export #397
[FEATURE] Allow variables in E-Mail subjects #403
[FEATURE] Assign contentObjectData as Variable to each view #473
[FEATURE] Define default storage Pid for events in PageTS #518
[FEATURE] Added signals for various action in EventController #215
[FEATURE] Added allowLanguageSynchronization to TCA #519

Added allowLanguageSynchronization to TCA of nearly all available fields. An editor can now select, whether to use the default value of the original translation or to use an own value.

This feature is only available in TYPO3 8.7+. I decided not to implement "l10n_mode=mergeIfNotBlank" as a fallback for TYPO3 7.6 due to known problems with this setting (see https://forge.typo3.org/issues/79658)

[BUGFIX] Removed range settings for start- and endtime in TCA #491
[BUGFIX] Fixed pagination for backend module #485
[BUGFIX] First day of month in calendar is calculated wrong #506
[BUGFIX] Fixed error in AttachmentService for PHP 7.2

[TASK] Add missing field label for registration fe_user #497
[TASK] Refactor dependency injection #489
[TASK] Replaced all gif/png icons with SVG icons #454
[TASK] Removed displayCond for PIDs in event plugin #490
[TASK] Replace collapseAll with expandSingle for IRRE items #484
[TASK] Show category mode in PageLayoutView #479
[TASK] Show category selection in plugin settings #509
[TASK] Enable possibility to add various records in event record #501
[TASK] Replace getMock() in tests with getMockBuilder() #514
[TASK] Do not overwrite sys_category repository class #512
[TASK] Exclude "registration" field in localized records #520
[TASK] Make registration backend form more readable #498
[TASK] Use closure in ext_localconf.php and ext_tables.php #525
[TASK] Added missing TCA fields starttime and endtime to organisator #526
[TASK] Moved language settings for records to own tab #527
[TASK] Suppress flash error message in administrationController
[TASK] Replaced tabs with spaces in TypoScript files
[TASK] Changed labels for PIDs from "PID" to "Page"
[TASK] Updated headers of PHP files

[DOC] Added documentation for registration fields #500