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[deprecated] – A JavaScript client for the Locomore API.
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A JavaScript client for the Locomore API.

Deprecated. Locomore has filed for insolvency and has beend merged into Flixtrain.

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Things still missing:


npm install locomore



The npm package contains data in the Friendly Public Transport Format.

const stations = require('locomore/stations.json')

	type: 'station',
	id: '8011065',
	name: 'Frankfurt (Main) Süd',
	code: 'FFS',
	timezone: 'Europe/Berlin',
	country: 'DEU',
	coordinates: {
		latitude: 50.07605700000001,
		longitude: 8.670040900000004


journeys(from, to, outward =, returning = null, opt = defeaults)

Using locomore.journeys, you can get directions and prices for routes from A to B.

const locomore = require('locomore')

const BerlinHbf = '8065969'
const StuttgartHbf = '8011065'
const date = '2017-04-06'

locomore.journeys(BerlinHbf, StuttgartHbf, date)

Returns a Promise that will resolve with an object with outward and returning. Both are arrays of journeys in the Friendly Public Transport Format.

	outward: [
		// journey objects
	returning: [
		// journey objects

A journey looks as follows. Note that the legs are not fully spec-compatible, as the schedule is missing.

		type: 'journey',
		id: 's1819_2017-04-06_BLS_FFS',
		legs: [ {
			id: 's1819_2017-04-06_BLS_FFS-s1819_2017-04-06_BLS_FFS',
			serviceId: '1818|2017-04-06',
			origin: '8065969',
			destination: '8011065',
			departure: '2017-04-06T14:54:00+0200',
			arrival: '2017-04-06T19:35:00+0200',
			departurePlatform: '13',
			arrivalPlatform: '7',
			mode: 'train',
			public: true,
			operator: {
				type: 'operator',
				id: 'locomore',
				name: 'Locomore'
		price: {
			id: 'bundle-s1819_2017-04-06_BLS_FFS-953448966',
			amount: 27,
			currency: 'EUR',
			business: false,
			available: 2

defaults, partially overridden by the opt parameter, looks like this:

const defaults = {
	passengers: [
		{type: 'adult', wheelchair: false, merkzeichenB: false}
	currency: 'EUR',
	business: false

more journey details

To get more details for a journey, use locomore.journeyDetails. Pass in an array of service IDs (from journeys.legs[n].serviceID) or journey objects.

locomore.journeys(BerlinHbf, StuttgartHbf, date)
.then((data) => journeyDetails(data.outward))

You will get an object like this:

	{ // first journey
		via: [ // passed stations
				type: 'station',
				id: '8003004',
				name: 'Berlin Ostbahnhof',
				code: 'BHF',
				timezone: 'Europe/Berlin',
				country: null,
				departure: '2017-03-30T14:42:00+0200',
				arrival: '2017-03-30T14:41:00+0200',
				departurePlatform: '7',
				arrivalPlatform: '7'
				type: 'station',
				id: '8029009',
				name: 'Vaihingen (Enz)',
				code: 'TV',
				timezone: 'Europe/Berlin',
				country: null,
				departure: '2017-03-30T21:03:00+0200',
				arrival: '2017-03-30T21:02:00+0200',
				departurePlatform: '2',
				arrivalPlatform: '2'


If you have a question, found a bug or want to propose a feature, have a look at the issues page.

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