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VBB lines and their stations.
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vbb-lines 🚏

A collection of all lines (and their stations) of the Berlin Brandenburg public transport service (VBB), computed from open GTFS data.

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npm install vbb-lines


The npm package contains data in the Friendly Public Transport Format.

	type: 'line',
	id: '17519_400',
	name: 'U55',
	operator: '796',
	mode: 'train',
	product: 'subway',
	variants: [
		['070201054601', '070201054501', '070201054401'], // station ids
		['070201054401', '070201054501', '070201054601']
const lines = require('vbb-lines')

lines(true, '15296_700').then(console.log) // query a single line
lines({mode: 'bus'}).on('data', console.log) // filter lines
lines('all').on('data', console.log)


lines([promised], [pattern])

If promised is true, a Promise will be returned, resolving with an array of results.

Otherwise, a stream in object mode will be returned, emitting one line at a time.

pattern can be one of the following:

  • a line ID, like '15296_700'
  • 'all'
  • an object like {mode: 'bus', agencyId: '47'}, with each property being mandatory


If you have a question, found a bug or want to propose a feature, have a look at the issues page.

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