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Welcome to the Albacore project. This wiki/project has moved to Albacore/albacore/wiki.

Albacore is intended to be a professional quality suite of Rake tasks to help automate the process of building a .NET based system. All tasks are built using a test-first approach through rspec, and all tests are included in the Albacore gem.

How To Install Albacore

If you would like to install the current, stable release of albacore, you can do so easily through the standard RubyGems.org server. Follow these simple instructions and you will be good to go.

gem install rake
gem install albacore

That’s it! You’re now equiped with everything you need to get up and running with albacore!

How To Use Albacore

After installing Albacore, you only need to

require 'albacore'

in your rakefile. This will allow you to use the tasks that Albacore includes.

You may now want to check the Getting Started section.

How To Contribute To Albacore

Read the information on contributing to Albacore here

Albacore’s Task List

Here’s a quick list of the tasks that are built into albacore, with links to each of the task wiki pages. Be sure to check out the complete list of pages to find other useful information, though.

  • Sample Usages – Some real-world albacore/rake files are in these repositories.
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