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Configure Albacore and tasks in a centralized location, ensuring you do not have to repeat configuration for individual tasks.

Setting Configuration Options

You can define a configuration block in your rakefile and provide default values to the parameters of any task that you wish.

For example:

Albacore.configure do |config|
  config.nunit.command = "tools/nunit/nunit-console.exe"
  config.msbuild.targets = [:clean, :build]

This will set the .command attribute of every nunit task that you create.

If you want to set multiple values of a given task, you can provide a block for that task’s configuration section:

Albacore.configure do |config|
  config.msbuild do |msb|
    msb.command = "..."
    msb.targets = [...]
    msb.log_level = :verbose

Overriding Configuration For Specific Instances

If you need to override the value specified for a specific instance of a task, you can still provide the value for that task. Just set the attribute in the task instance as you normally would.