How To Build Albacore

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In PowerShell:

git clone git:// -b dev ; gem install bundler ; bundle install ; rake install

How To Manually Build And Install The albacore Gem

If you would like to install the latest source code for albacore, and get all the new features and functionality (possibly in an unstable form), you can manually build and install the albacore gem. Follow these simple instructions and you will be good to go.

Step 1: Clone albacore

Use your Github account to fork albacore, or clone it directly from my public clone URL.

git clone git:// albacore

Step 2: Install Required Dependencies

You will need the Bundler gem installed, to install the other albacore dependencies

gem install bundler

In your local clone of albacore, run bundler

bundle install

This will install all of the gem dependencies that you need to build the albacore gem and add your own contributions to albacore.

Step 3: Build the gem

In your local clone of albacore, use the jeweler rake tasks to build the latest version of the albacore code into a gem.

rake jeweler:gemspec jeweler:build

this will produce an 'albacore-#.#.#.gem' file in the 'pkg' folder, where '#.#.#' is the version number. For example 'albacore-0.1.2.gem'*.

Step 4: Install the gem

After building the gem, you can install it from your local file system.

gem install -l pkg/albacore-#.#.#.gem

where '#.#.#' is the version number of the gem. For example 'albacore-0.1.2.gem'

* Are you getting something like

Generated: albacore.gemspec
albacore.gemspec is valid.
rake aborted!
undefined method `write' for #<Syck::Emitter:0x2d0b628>

Then try

RUBYOPT='-rpsych' rake jeweler:gemspec jeweler:build

or for PowerShell:

$env:RUBYOPT='-rpsych' ; rake jeweler:gemspec jeweler:build