NuGetPack Task

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Creates the nuget package from the nuspec file.

How to use the NuGetPack task

Here is an example of how to use the NuGetPack task.

desc "create the nuget package"
nugetpack do |nuget|
   nuget.command     = "tools/nuget.exe"
   nuget.nuspec      = "fluentworkflow.nuspec"
   nuget.base_folder = "working/"
   nuget.output      = "build/"

##Required Properties nuspec This is the location of the nuspec file.

##Optional Properties command The location of nuget.exe. (If not specified it will default to nuget.exe and search in the PATH environment variables).

output Specifies the directory for the created NuGet file.

base_folder The base path of the files defined in the nuspec file.