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+## Building Backbone.Picky
+If you wish to build Backbone.Picky on your system, you will
+need Ruby to run the Jasmine specs, and NodeJS to run the
+grunt build.
+### To Run The Jasmine Specs
+1. Be sure you have Bundler installed in your Ruby Gems. Then
+run `bundle install` from the project folder
+2. Once this is done, you can run `rake jasmine` to run the
+Jasmine server
+3. Point your browser at `http://localhost:8888` and you will
+see all of the specs for Backbone.Syphon
+### To Build The Packages
+1. Be sure you have NodeJS and NPM installed on your system
+2. Run `npm install -g grunt` to install the grunt build system
+3. From the project folder, run `grunt` to produce a build
## Release Notes
### v0.0.1

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