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  • Fixed issue w/ field that has no name (or other specified identifier)


  • Added support for nested field names, defaulting to Rails' standard of foo[bar][baz]
  • Added notion of KeySplitter to define how fields are split apart for nesting
  • Fixed issue w/ field that has no name (or other specified identifier)
  • Fixed the AMD require statements to match Backbone.Marionette
  • Ignore fieldset
  • Updated to Underscore v1.4.2


  • Added Input Writers, to deserialize an object back in to a form
  • The view's el can be a form element directly


  • Specify fields to include or exclude, when calling .serialize
  • Defaults to input element "name" for the key in the serialized object
  • Added Key Extractors and Key Extractor Sets, allowing configuration of how the "key" in {key: "value"} serialized objects are generated
  • Added Key Assignment Validators and Key Assignment Validator sets, allowing you to validate a key / value pair and prevent it from being attached to the serialization result
  • Input Readers are now a type that can be instantiated and replaced, wholesale, instead of just registered / removed
  • Created Syphon.TypeRegistry base type which is used by Key Extractors, Input Readders and Key Assignment Validators
  • Exposed the Syphon.ignoredTypes array, to allow manipulating which input types are ignored
  • Allow keyExtractors, inputReaders and keyAssignmentValidators to be specified as part of the options for the call to serialize


  • Ability to register Input Readers for elements other than <input>
  • An <input> element with no type attribute will be treated as a text input
  • Ignore elements of type "submit", "button" and "reset"


  • Initial release
  • Serialize a <form> tag and it's input elements in to a simple JavaScript object
  • Converts a checkbox in to a boolean value