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API docs for input writers

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@@ -141,10 +141,10 @@ boolean value.
### Default Input Reader Set
Syphon comes with a default input reader set in the
-`Backbone.Syhpon.InputReaders` object. This input reset set
+`Backbone.Syhpon.InputReaders` object. This input reader set
has a few default input readers built in (see below).
-You can replace the entire input reset set by creating a new
+You can replace the entire input reader set by creating a new
instance of `Backbone.Syphon.InputReaderSet` like this:
@@ -183,6 +183,79 @@ from the callback function and this value is used as the
value in the final JavaScript object returne from the call
to serialize the form.
+## Syphon.InputWriterSet (Input Writers)
+Input Writers are used to deserialize an object's values in to
+a form input elements. In other words, Input Writers are responsible
+for turning `{foo: "bar"}` in to the value "bar" for `<input value="foo">`.
+By default, there are three input writers that know how to
+handle form elements:
+* the `default` writer
+* the `checkbox` writer
+* the `radio` writer
+The default reader handles nearly
+every form of input using jQuery's `val()` method. The checkbox reader,
+sets whether or not the checkbox is checked, and the radio writer will
+select the correct radio button in a radio button group.
+### Default Input Writer Set
+Syphon comes with a default input writer set in the
+`Backbone.Syhpon.InputWriters` object. This input writer set
+has a few default input writers built in (see above).
+You can replace the entire input writer set by creating a new
+instance of `Backbone.Syphon.InputWriterSet` like this:
+MyWriterSet = new Backbone.Syphon.InputWriterSet();
+MyWriterSet.registerDefault(function($el, value){
+ $el.val(value);
+Backbone.InputWriters = MyWriterSet;
+Under normal circumstances, you won't have to create your
+own input writer set, though. You can register and remove
+input writers as needed using the default
+input writer set.
+### Register Your Own Input Writer
+You can register your own input writers, allowing you
+to change how the data is written to the form. To do this register
+a callback function to an input type.
+Backbone.Syphon.InputReaders.register('radio', function(el, value){
+ el.val(value);
+The input type that you specify is either the `type` attribute
+of an input element, or the tag name of a non-input element (see
+next section for more information).
+The callback function receives two parameter:
+* a jQuery selector object that is the form element
+* the value to populate in to the element
+You should set the value on the element, based on the type of the
+element and based on whether or not the value should be set for that
+specific element. For example, in selecting a radio button from a group,
+you should only select the one that has the correct value:
+Backbone.Syphon.InputWriters.register("radio", function($el, value){
+ $el.prop("checked", $el.val() === value);
## Syphon.KeyAssignmentValidatorSet (Validating Key / Value Assignment)
Key Assignment Validators are used to determine whether or not a
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