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See the specs in the `/specs/javascript/` folder for more detail,
and the simple function declarations in the `public/javascripts/funcalc.js`
+## Thoughts
+This is really just a thought experiment for me. I'm not very
+experienced with functional languages. I've played with Haskell
+a bit, I've done some "functional C#" and "functional Ruby" but
+it's something that I've never been really familar with. I wanted
+to try this out to see what it would look like, and to see if I
+could learn anything from the process and code.
+There are some interesting points that stand out:
+I've represented everything as a function - even the simple
+values of 1 through 4. And every function returns a function,
+except for the simple values, which return their actual value.
+In the process of returning functions from functions, I'm
+effectively representing the state of the application as a series
+of functions. This one is a bit odd for me to wrap my head around.
+I'm not sure if this is really correct, or if it's just an
+oversimplification of what's really happening here.
+There are no data-structures, though, only functions. So it stands
+to reason that the state is stored as a series of functions that
+can be evaluated to produce a result.
+The result isn't actually evaluated until I invoke the
+`resultFunc` in the above example. But I have the `resultFunc`
+availabe as a variable and I can pass it around anywhere I want.
+The basically turns it into a command pattern implementation,
+only in a functional manner instead of an object manner.
+All of these functions are side effect free. None of them actually
+mutates any existing application state. Of course this is some
+really simple implementation, but that was one of my goals. I'll
+need to play with some more complex ideas in order to really see
+how this would play out, though.
+I haven't done anything like memoizing or currying for these
+simple examples, but those are ideas I want to play with, too.
+This is really pretty simple stuff... but it's fun to write a
+simple exercise like this and think about what's going on, why
+and see how it affects the way I think and approach software

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