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Added undocumented 'supported_encodings' feature

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1 parent 7270ddb commit 6167a0f1bbe519809498d69dcb7fc16ab293b701 @derickr committed Feb 14, 2017
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@@ -713,10 +713,12 @@ The following features strings MUST be available:
language_supports_threads get [0|1]
language_name get {eg. PHP, Python, Perl}
language_version get {version string}
- encoding get current encoding in use by the debugger
+ encoding get|set current encoding in use by the debugger
session. The encoding can either be
(7-bit) ASCII, or a code set which
- contains ASCII (Ex: ISO-8859-X, UTF-8)
+ contains ASCII (Ex: ISO-8859-X, UTF-8).
+ Use the ``supported_encodings`` feature
+ to query which encodings are supported
protocol_version get {for now, always 1}
supports_async get {for commands such as break}
data_encoding get optional, allows to turn off
@@ -752,7 +754,6 @@ The following features strings MUST be available:
attribute under `7.6 breakpoints`_ for
further information.
multiple_sessions get|set {0|1}
- encoding get|set {ISO8859-15, UTF-8, etc.}
max_children get|set max number of array or object
children to initially retrieve
max_data get|set max amount of variable data to
@@ -772,6 +773,9 @@ The following features strings MAY be available, if they are not, the IDE should
assume that the feature is not available:
========================= ======= ==========================================
+ supported_encodings get returns a comma separated list of all
+ supported encodings that can be set
+ through the ``encoding`` feature
supports_postmortem get [0|1] This feature lets an IDE know that
there is benefit to continuing interaction
during the STOPPING state (sect. 7.1).
@@ -2273,6 +2277,10 @@ where,
A. ChangeLog
+- 7.2.1 Add the undocumented 'supported_encodings' feature
- Created separate sections (6.4.1-6.4.3) for each data packet format

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