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NAME: Cement2
AUTHOR: BJ Dierkes <>
Cement2 is an advanced CLI Application Framework for Python, and a complete
rewrite of Cement version 0.x/1.x. Its goal is to introduce a standard, and
feature-full platform for both simple and complex command line applications as
well as support rapid development needs without sacrificing quality.
Cement2 Core features include (but are not limited to):
* Core pieces of the framework are customizable via handlers/interfaces
* Extension handler interface to easily extend framework functionality
* Config handler supports parsing multiple config files into one config
* Argument handler parses command line arguments and merges with config
* Log handler supports console and file logging
* Plugin handler provides an interface to easily extend your application
* Hook support adds a bit of magic to apps and also ties into framework
* Handler system connects implementation classes with Interfaces
* Output handler interface renders return dictionaries to console
* Core library and extensions have zero external dependencies*
* Extensions with external dependencies packaged separately
* Controller handler supports sub-commands, and nested controllers
* 98% Nose test coverage
* Extensive Sphinx documentation
* Tested on all major versions of Python 2.6 through 3.2
Cement2 Core Extensions includes:
* JSON output handler extension (adds --json option)
* YAML output handler extension (adds --yaml option)
* ConfigObj config handler extension replaces ConfigParser
* Damemon extension handles background processes (adds --daemon option)
* Genshi output handler extension provides Text Templating
*Note that argparse is required as an external dependency for Python < 2.7
and < 3.2.
All documentation is available from the official website:
The Cement CLI Application Framework is Open Source and is distributed under
the BSD License (three clause). Please see the LICENSE file included with
this software.
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