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Skype icon wrapper for linux.

A very simple LD_PRELOAD wrapper that replaces original skype icons with your own ones.

Feel free to commit new icon themes!

Compilation & Installation

First you need environment that's able to compile 32-bit code. You also need libX11 and Qt and headers for them.

Run qmake -spec linux-g++-32 && make

Then you will be able to start SkypeTab using LD_PRELOAD=pwd/ skype

Note, LD_PRELOAD requires full path to the library


Just run skype from included .desktop file. Otherwise you can run it manually:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ skype


By default, skype1ico checks the following directories for themes:

  • $HOME/.local/share/skype1ico/
  • /usr/share/skype1ico/
  • /usr/local/share/skype1ico

Theme name is set up in this priority:

  • SKYPE1ICO_THEME variable
  • system icon theme name
  • default

If no theme can be accessed, skype will fall back to default icons. For futher informating about themes please check out KFaenza/themerc theme configuration file.