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Jekyll Environment for My Academic Website

This repository contains the Jekyll environment, which is used to automatically generate my personal academic website hosted on github pages (link).

Publication List

To automatically generate the list of publications, the Jekyll post engine is used. That is, each file in the directories _preprints, _proc, _jour, _articles, _talk, _theses, _deli is treated as a single publication of the respective category. The date prefix is not displayed and only used for sorting purposes. The meta-information determines the displayed information. The key layout needs to be set to post and the remaining keys have the following semantics:

  • year: Publication year
  • title: Title of the publication
  • authors: A comma separated list of authors
  • venue: The publication venue
  • vurl (optional): An url for further information about the publication venue
  • vatt (optional): Additional attributes for the publication venue
  • pdf (optional): An url to the pdf file.
  • pub (optional): An url to the original publication.
  • web (optional): An additional weblink.
  • bib (optional): An url to a bibfile.
  • talk (optional): An url to the presentation slides.
  • github (optional): An url to a github repository.


The license for the code is inherited from orderedlist/minimal, which was used as the basis for the theme. That is, the code is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Jekyll Environment for My Academic Website



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