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# Contributing To this repository

## Resources for Getting Started

* We recommend: SourceTree or Git Cola
* We adopt [Git Flow](

## Reporting Bugs

* Use Issues tab

### Bug report contents

* Include as much information as possible

## Requesting New Features

* Use Issues tab for feature requests too.

## Contributing (Step-by-step)

1. [Fork the repo]( on which you're working, clone your forked repo to your local computer, and set up the upstream remote:

git clone git://
git remote add upstream

2. Checkout out a new local branch based on your master and update it to the latest.

git checkout -b TRUNK-123 master
git clean -df
git pull --rebase upstream master

> Please keep your code clean. If you find another bug, you want to fix while being in a new branch, please fix it in a separated branch instead.

3. Push the branch to your fork. Treat it as a backup.

git push origin TRUNK-123

4. Code

* Adhere to common conventions you see in the existing code
* Include tests, and ensure they pass
* Search to see if your new functionality has been discussed.

5. Follow the Coding Conventions.

6. Commit to your branch

For every commit please write a short (max 72 characters) summary in the first line followed with a blank line and then more detailed descriptions of the change. Use markdown syntax for simple styling. Please include any issue numbers in your summary.

git commit -m "TRUNK-123: Put change summary here (can be a ticket title)"

**NEVER leave the commit message blank!** Provide a detailed, clear, and complete description of your commit!

7. Update your branch to the latest code.

git pull --rebase upstream master

If you have made many commits, please squash them into atomic units of work.

git checkout master
git pull --rebase upstream master
git checkout TRUNK-123
git rebase -i master

Make sure all unit tests still pass:

Push changes to your fork:

git push -f

8. Issue a Pull Request

In order to make a pull request,
* Navigate to the repository you just pushed to (e.g.
* Click "Pull Request".
* Write your branch name in the branch field (this is filled with "master" by default)
* Click "Update Commit Range".
* Ensure the changesets you introduced are included in the "Commits" tab.
* Ensure that the "Files Changed" incorporate all of your changes.
* Fill in some details about your potential patch including a meaningful title.
* Click "Send pull request".

Thanks for that -- we'll get to your pull request ASAP. We love pull requests!

## Feedback

If you need to contact me, see my contact details on my profile page.
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FROM python:3

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

CMD [ "python", "qrmine/ docs/transcript.txt" ]
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