An openMRS module for dermatology to map lesions on a body image. Video:
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skinhelpdesk LesionMapper<sup>TM</sup>

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What is openMRS?

openMRS is a highly customizable EMR platform that can be extended and customized by user-contributed modules. More details here:

What is openmrs-module-skinhelpdesk?

This is a module for dermatologists to doodle lesions on a body image during consultations, a typical workflow pattern for us. The theortical basis for LesionMapper is pending publication. Read an informal introduction on my blog

What is the motivation?

This is a learning project for me to understand the nuances of the new openmrs ui framework. This project may be useful for other newbies like me as well. I have ported the interface I created for my patient portal to openMRS.

How do I use this as a openMRS 2.x module learning project?

I have added my notes to the docs folder. The openMRS wiki is a good reference. I will add a step by step instruction manual in the prodents wiki. Join us on our ##ehealth IRC channel or PRO{DENTS} events.

How do I install and use this module?


Fabric.js and the Kitchensink tutorial. The NuChange Informatics team