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J3D is a extension for GameMaker: Studio that makes it possible to build 3D games for HTML5 via the ThreeJS JavaScript library, no plugins needed

How it works

J3D uses CSS to "stack" the GameMaker generated canvas over a WebGL renderer, this allows you to continue using GameMaker for all your input controls, AI and GUI while being able to use the 3D features of ThreeJS.

canvas stack example

What can the project do right now?

At the moment you can draw cubes, spheres and create lights however I plan to extend the extension over the coming months to allow custom models (.obj) to be used and textures. This is going to take a bit longer as I don't have a huge amount of free time at the moment, so I decided to release it as-is and as the extension isn't minified so you can tweak it until your heart is content or play with the dev branch.

One of the best features right now is the ability to use GameMaker's room editor to setup levels.

J3D GameMaker Room Editor

Authors and Contributors

At the moment the project is just maintained by me (@derme302), but if you would like to contribute feel free to do so!

Support or Contact

Having trouble with J3D? Either try the thread on the GameMaker Community or hit me up on Twitter.