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The sonicpi vim plugin requires the following:


The plugin enables itself when Sonic Pi is running and the Ruby filetype is initiated (let g:sonicpi_enabled = 0 to disable), and provides the following features:

  • <leader>r - send buffer to sonicpi

  • <leader>S - send stop message to sonicpi

  • Contextual autocompletion of Sonic Pi terms with omnicomplete (<C-x><C-o> by default). That is, if you have synth :zawa, in the line, omnicomplete will provide parameter names for :zawa, et al!

  • Extension of Ruby syntax to include Sonic Pi terms


Prerequisites: Sonic Pi 2.4+, and sonic-pi-cli or similar.

If you use pathogen (and you should), simply clone this repo into ~/.vim/bundle/ like so:

git clone

Whenever Sonic Pi is running, and you haven't disabled the g:sonicpi_enabled flag in your configs, the plugin will activate. Otherwise, it's a normal Ruby session!


g:sonicpi_keymaps_enabled can be used to disable the default keybindings.

g:sonicpi_command can be used to configure what tool is used to send the code to Sonic Pi. The default is sonic_pi.

g:sonicpi_send and g:sonicpi_stop can be used to adjust the arguments sent to g:sonicpi_command. The default values are g:sonicpi_send = '' and g:sonicpi_stop = 'stop'.

g:vim_redraw, if true (such as by setting it to 1), will redraw the screen after the stop command instead of waiting for output. Its default value is 0.

As an example, to use sonic-pi-tool, the following .vimrc settings would work:

let g:sonicpi_command = 'sonic-pi-tool'
let g:sonicpi_send = 'eval-stdin'
let g:sonicpi_stop = 'stop'
let g:vim_redraw = 1

Sonic Pi interfacing tools


  • Fix autocomplete
  • Make contextual autocomplete (e.g., a list of samples follows samples)
  • Add movement for Sonic Pi style files, ala ruby.vim's modifications (Now we stay in the Ruby filetype)
  • Extend Ruby syntax to incorporate Sonic Pi directives
  • Update for Sonic Pi 2.4
  • Add named notes (e.g., :c4, :e2) and chords (e.g., sus4, m7+5)
  • Add oddball contexts beyond the sounds. For instance, we've added the "spread" context to include rotate:


Sonic Pi plugin for Vim



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