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derobins committed Feb 28, 2009
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@@ -25,4 +25,23 @@ List button
Highlighting multiple lines of text and clicking the list button should
create multiple list items instead of one item.
+More AltGr issues
+Bug: Can't type '@' in answer
+I just found that AltGr+Q (=@) toggles Blockquote mode., which makes TSQL code in Markups extremely uncomfortable. ALT+064 works though.
+Guess this must be new behavior, as I never noticed it before
+ sztyopek
+The same problem occurs for me: it is impossible to enter some essential characters on my keyboard layout: \ � ] l L > {
+since these can only be accessed by pressing AltGr + Q, U, G, K, L, Y and B, respectively.
+ devio
+AltGr = right ALT key.
+I am referring to German keyboard layout.

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