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Added another bug for underscores in image URLs.

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1 parent 7b91140 commit 980f68797307d28f0541868c740974cb2eeb1209 @derobins committed
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19 Uservoice bugs.txt
@@ -45,3 +45,22 @@ since these can only be accessed by pressing AltGr + Q, U, G, K, L, Y and B, res
AltGr = right ALT key.
I am referring to German keyboard layout.
+Help button link is off.
+If you look at the help button image and link in Firebug they are a little
+bit offset.
+Fix Markdown to allow underscores in picture URLs
+Underscores in image URLs get interpreted as Markdown and then don't show the picture properly.
+BUT they do show the picture properly in the post preview.
+Read more: "fix Markdown to allow underscores in picture URLs" -

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