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@zpalmtree zpalmtree released this Dec 30, 2018 · 252 commits to master since this release

This is NOT a mandatory upgrade.

It is heavily suggested to upgrade if you have experienced the miner socket issue.
If you are using zedwallet-beta, please upgrade. An overflow issue could cause you to send inflated fees when sending transactions.

Miner changes

  • Fixes issue where the miner would use up all available sockets on the PC

Zedwallet-beta changes

  • Fixes resetting not being performed correctly
  • Fixes transactions being able to be half added causing duplicate transactions to be added
  • Fixes splitAmountsIntoDenominations overflowing, causing incorrect amounts/fees to be sent
  • Adds assertions that transaction outputs are PRETTY_AMOUNTS
  • Adds assertions that transaction fee is as expected

Daemon changes

  • Fixes off by one in in-memory GetBlocksByHeight error causing blocks to be skipped
  • Fixes timestamp of zero occasionally returning a positive corresponding block height
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