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Welcome to the Dero Project wiki!

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DERO is decentralized DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph) based blockchain with enhanced reliability, privacy, security, and usability. Consensus algorithm is PoW based on original cryptonight. DERO is industry leading and the first blockchain to have bulletproofs, TLS encrypted Network.

DERO blockchain has the following salient features:


DERO DAG implementation builds outs a main chain from the DAG network of blocks which refers to main blocks (100% reward) and side blocks (67% rewards). Side blocks contribute to chain PoW security and thus traditional 51% attacks are not possible on DERO network. If DERO network finds another block at the same height, instead of choosing one, DERO include both blocks. Thus, rendering the 51% attack futile.

Traditional Blockchains process blocks as single unit of computation(if a double-spend tx occurs within the block, entire block is rejected). However DERO network accepts such blocks since DERO blockchain considers transaction as a single unit of computation.DERO blocks may contain duplicate or double-spend transactions which are filtered by client protocol and ignored by the network. DERO DAG processes transactions atomically one transaction at a time.

DERO DAG in action Live DERO DAG

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