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CIM J2EE application with resource adapter access to Spark.
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J2EE access to Spark for Common Information Model (CIM) applications.

A good overview presentation is Network Analysis and Simulation using Apache Spark on Compute Clusters, or without the audio tracks.


This set of programs provides a demonstration of using Java EE Connector Architecture JCA to connect to Spark and through the use of CIMReader being able to read CIM files which are a standard interchange format based on IEC standards 61968 & 61970 (see CIM users group for additional details) to access Spark Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD) for each CIM class.

It thus provides a proof of principle for End-To-End access from a web browser to bespoke big-data applications running on Hadoop.


An overview of the current release 2.3.4:

CIMApplication Overview

Provisioning a Cluster

To create a cluster on Amazon ECS you can use the provisioning tool:


CIMApplication Overview

The use of a resource adapter within a J2EE container leverages the technologies that ease deployment, security, transaction and user interface development that come with the widely used enterprise platform. Code in Java or Scala runs in a virtual machine within a containerized server-side platform and can send previously compiled long-running jobs to the cluster of computers comprising the Hadoop infrastructure.

As such, it offers a bridge between legacy serial applications running on a single machine and new parallel applications running on a cluster of machines.


TomEE Setup

  • download and unzip/untar TomEE+ distribution in a suitable directory (for example in /opt)

  • if necessary, change the files ownership, e.g chown --recursive /opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/

  • to access the manager GUI (http://localhost:8080/manager/html), edit conf/tomcat-users.xml to uncomment the section at the bottom of the file with rolename="tomee-admin" and username="tomee", and then change the password as appropriate

  • to enable TomEE, edit conf/tomee.xml and uncomment the <Deployments dir="apps"/> and make the apps directory:

    mkdir /opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/apps

  • to deploy the application and reset, you could use these instructions ( marked executable):

    bin/ 2>/dev/null rm -rf apps/* rm logs/* cp ~/code/CIMApplication/CIMEar/target/CIMApplication.ear apps bin/

  • to enable SQLite access via JNDI, copy the SQLite jar file to the lib directory, and copy the SQLite data file too:

    cp .../org/xerial/sqlite-jdbc/ /opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/lib mkdir /opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/database cp .../results.db /opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/database/timeseries.db

  • then add a resource entry to the conf/tomee.xml, like so:

    JdbcDriver org.sqlite.JDBC JdbcUrl jdbc:sqlite:/opt/apache-tomee-plus-7.0.1/database/timeseries.db

REST Services

The CIMApplication (HTML/Javascript) accessed at http://server:8080/cimweb is supported on the backend by RESTful services provided by the CIMWeb .war file.

Endpoint Verb Parameters Description
/cimweb/cim/ping GET optional debug Simple response to check for proper deployment. The optional boolean debug matrix parameter will return the current set of environment variables on the server.
/cimweb/cim/pong GET optional debug Response to check for proper connection. The optional boolean debug matrix parameter will return the current set of environment variables on the server and metadata from the connection.
/cimweb/cim/file GET optional path Returns the contents of the directory (if path ends with /) or the contents of the file from HDFS.
/cimweb/cim/file PUT path zip Stores the byte contents at the path on HDFS. The optional boolean zip matrix parameter unzips a single file from the zip and stores it's contents on HDFS at the given path
/cimweb/cim/file DELETE path Removes the file or directory at the path on HDFS.
/cimweb/cim/load GET path Reads the contents of the HDFS file (.rdf) into Spark via the CIMReader.
/cimweb/cim/export GET island Returns the RDF of the given TopologicalIsland and related elements.
/cimweb/cim/export PUT target Stores the RDF of the TopologicalIsland specified by the contents (text island name) at the target path on HDFS.
/cimweb/cim/query GET sql cassandra table_name cassandra_table_name Performs SQL query against the loaded CIM data, or against Cassandra if cassandra=true. Returns a JSON array of records retrieved. Optionally store results in supplied table names.
/cimweb/cim/gridlab GET simulation Returns the GridLAB-D Model file (.glm) for the given simulation file (JSON).
/cimweb/cim/gridlab POST simulation Executes gridlabd for the model specified by the glm property in the given simulation file (JSON).
/cimweb/cim/view GET about xmin ymin, xmax, ymax, reduceLines, maxLines, dougPeuk dougPeukFactor, resolution Return (simplified) RDF for features within the bounding box from the CIM loaded into Spark.
/cimweb/cim/short_circuit GET optional transformer Returns the short circuit data for the house connections attached to the transformer, or all transfromers if none was specified.
/cimweb/cim/spatial/nearest GET optional lat lon n Finds the n nearest house connections to the given wgs84 lat,long.
/cimweb/cim/timeseries GET Sample to read SQLite database and return measurement data.
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