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A terminal ui for signal-cli, written in Go.

Alt text

Unable to keep pace with signal-cli

I have not been keeping up with signal-cli development. They change the location and format of their local data constantly. If you want your install to work, use signal cli version 0.9.2 until I find time to update.


  • vim-style ux
  • useful for quick messages or use $EDITOR to compose fancy ones
  • emoji support, just use colons, like :cat: or the kitty emoji picker
  • configurable contact colors
  • can use fzf to fuzzy-find files to attach
  • support for groups! (but not creating new groups)
  • quickly filter messages by providing a regex pattern


siggo uses the dbus daemon feature of signal-cli, so libunixsocket-java (Debian), libmatthew-java (Fedora) or libmatthew-unix-java (AUR) is required. There seems to be a brew forumla for dbus on MacOS.

Install signal-cli and put it somewhere safe in your path. You will need to follow its instructions to either link or register your device. Alternatively, the siggo link <phonenumber> <devicename> subcommand has been added to make linking more user-friendly. Be sure to prefix with + and country code (for example +12345678901).

When setup is finished, you should be able to run without error:

signal-cli -u +<yourphonenumber> -o json receive

You are now ready to use siggo.

Optional Dependencies

Some nice features are available if you have fzf in your PATH.


siggo shells out to signal-cli, so if that worries you, don't use it, for now. I have lofty goals of eventually replacing this with libsignal.


siggo should build on Linux or MacOS, but has primarily been tested on Linux.

make build




If you are updating from a previous version, I recommend deleting your conversation files first. See below.


  • j - Scroll Down
  • k - Scroll Up
  • J - Next Contact
  • K - Previous Contact
  • n - Move to next conversation with unread messages
  • t - Use fzf to goto contact with fuzzy matching
  • a - Attach file (sent with next message)
  • A - Use fzf to attach a file
  • / - Filter conversation by providing a pattern
  • i - Insert Mode
    • CTRL+L - Clear input field (also clears staged attachments)
  • I - Compose (opens $EDITOR and lets you make a fancy message)
  • y - Yank Mode
    • yy - Yank Last Message (from current conversation)
    • yl - Yank Last URL
  • o - Open Mode
    • Enter - Open selected attachment
    • oo - Open Last Attachment
  • l - Link Mode
    • Enter - Open selected link in browser
    • ll - Open Last URL
    • y - Yank selected link to clipboard
  • p or CTRL+V - Paste text/attach file in clipboard
  • ESC - Normal Mode
  • CTRL+Q - Quit (CTRL+C should also work)


See the configuration README here.

Message History

Message saving is an opt-in feature.

If you enable it, conversations are stored in plain text in ~/.local/share/siggo/conversations.

Delete them like this:

rm ~/.local/share/siggo/conversations/*


I've started a wiki here.


Honestly the code is a hot mess right now, and I don't recommend trying to contribute yet. But I will absolutely take a PR if you want to throw one at me.

If you save the output of signal-cli like so:

signal-cli -u +<yourphonenumber> receive --json > example_messages.json

You can then run siggo using it as mock input. This is useful for development and testing.

bin/siggo -m example_messages.json

This way you can test without sending yourself messages.

Similar Projects / Inspiration


Here is a list of things that are currently broken.

  • Send read receipts for incoming messages (signal-cli limitation, but might be fixed soon)

Here is a list of features I'd like to add soonish.

  • Better Attachments Support
    • signal-cli seems to delete old attachments after a while. maybe I should move them somewhere where they wont get deleted?
  • default color list for contacts instead of white
  • better mode indication
  • gui configuration
    • colors and border styles
  • let user re-sort contact list (for example alphabetically)
  • use dbus to send instead of signal-cli, to avoid having to spin up the JVM
  • there is still some data that I'm dropping on the floor (I believe it to be the "typing indicator" messages)
  • weechat/BitlBee plugin that uses the siggo model without the UI
  • wouldn't tests be neat?