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OBS ROI Editor 1.1.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 21 Mar 07:05

Encoder Preview!

Note: This is a first iteration and will likely need a bit of work. This plugin is a bit of a beta right now.

This release adds a new feature, also accessible via the "Tools" menu, to monitor the video output quality in real-time!


  • Preview recording and streaming encoders, regardless of whether the outputs are active
  • Preview Source can be added to scenes, allowing it to be accessible via multiview and OBS projectors


  • Added "Encoder Output Preview" feature
  • Added checkbox to ROI Editor to exclude recording encoder
  • ROI has been updated to also work with the preview output when no other outputs are active


obs-roi-ui-1.1.0-windows-x64-Installer.exe: 04f829fe7f66a72b91e682c3d7804977fb159af09958d7d37e14d1902e8173e3 1490d40dde3deee899a8054a089b85fce281bcfce37430f4c66593fbfd5e5c93